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If you are looking for a headliner act and a grand finale to your air show or a spectacular twilight show, then this is the act for you!  The Immortals combines aerobatic aircraft, jet trucks and pyro to capture the attention of everyone!  The Tinstix team is guaranteed to bring everyone to the fence line with their eyes turned skyward.  If the sound of the 400 HP Edge 540 flown by US Team Member, Melissa Pemberton, Bill Barber Showman Ship Award Winner Skip Stewart in his custom built biplane Prometheus do not capture their attention at first, then the smoke from the jet truck and pyro explosions will draw them in for sure!  The idea behind The Immortals is to give the audience multiple things to watch at the same time and to always have something happening at show center.  We want to draw them in, get them excited and entertained, and then finish with them wanting more!

The act starts out with opposing take offs and a squirrel cage routine with ‘pops’ of pyro that build up for the grand entrance of the jet truck!  There is a battle that rages in the sky and on the ground between 3 aircraft and a jet truck that results in a head-to-head race, finishing with a wall of fire!  The smoke, pyro and noise will overwhelm the senses of even the most seasoned airshow fan and leave them wanting to come back again next year to see more! 

How can a show afford to have all of this?  Easy!  Simply hire the different team members for their individual acts to fill the bulk of your show day and we give you the show finale, The Immortals for FREE! 

Team Members include:







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