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Start your show with a Flag!

To open any air show it is always an honor for us to skydive in with the representing country(s) flag(s)!  We have 1,000 square foot US, Canadian and Mexican Flags in stock and with advanced notice can have a new flag made to meet your event’s needs be it a sponsor company logo or Country Flag.

Duo Skydiving & Aerobatics Routine

Pemberton Aerosports became the first airshow demonstration team to combine wing suit skydiving with aerobatics back in 2007.  Together, Melissa and Rex came up with the idea to have Rex fly his wing suit with smoke coming from both feet, while Melissa barrel rolls around him with the Edge 540, smoke pumping!

The act starts from 10,000 feet above the ground where Rex jumps from the skydiving aircraft and Melissa follows in Trail in the Edge.  Rex flies at a 3 to 1 glide ratio with fabric sewn between his arms and legs as he soars from one end of the show line to the other and then back again, covering up to 5 miles across the ground!  Melissa’s barrel rolls around Rex, helping to focus the audiences’ attention onto the skydiver in free fall and allowing them to wittiness true human body flight!  At 2,500 feet above the ground Rex deploys his parachute and lands at show center where he can interact with the audience while Melissa proceeds into her aerobatic demonstration.



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